Horizon Forbidden West Fan Shows Off Their Incredible Aloy Cosplay

February 13, 2022

As we get ready to come face to face with Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West, cosplayer Hummel pays tribute to the Machine Hunter.

Since 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn has been at the forefront of many gamers’ minds. And almost five years later from its initial launch on PS4, the highly popular Guerrilla Games title is once again on the tip of everyone’s tongue as we get ready for its sequel.

One of the many reasons HZD has been so well received is mostly down to how well the stories were crafted as well as the overall design of its world and not forgetting those mesmerizing yet dangerous machines that roamed its plains.


Time after time, the protagonist of the game, Aloy, has been a hot favourite within the cosplaying world as she sits up there with the likes of Yennefer from The Witcher 3 and Ellie from The Last of Us Part 2.

Aloy, the Machine Hunter

Even if you haven’t jumped into Horizon Zero Dawn yet, almost everyone knows who Aloy is. A Nora Brave, Seeker and machine hunter of incredible skill, this flame-haired badass never lets anything get in her way.

Made an outcast by Nora law at birth, Aloy was placed into the care of Rost, an outcast who kept to Nora traditions, and who would come to love the child as if she were his own daughter. After finding the focus in some caves, Aloy prepared for twelve years to perfect her survival skills and take on the dystopian world of machines and enemies.

Aloy Cosplay

Hummel Cosplay, a 20-year-old artist from Bavaria, Germany, has set her sets on the machine hunter in one amazing cosplay.  It’s obvious straight away that Hummel has put countless hours into this particular costume, making sure every detail stands out including the rich material used. We can also see that they are also holding Aloy’s Hunter’s bow which I’m sure took hours if not days to painstakingly perfect.

To check out all of their cosplay adventures that include Amicia from A Plague Tale: Innocence and Ciri from The Witcher 3, follow Hummel on Facebook and Instagram.


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