Horizon Forbidden West Fan Stands Tall in Powerful Aloy Cosplay

February 21, 2022

Go wild for GingerPunkCosplay’s powerful cosplay of Horizon Forbidden West‘s Machine Hunter heroine, Aloy.

After nearly 5 years since the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West is finally here. Fans have once again dived into the post-apocalyptic world for a treacherous adventure in the Forbidden West.

With such rich characters and vibrant aesthetics, the game has also long been a source of inspiration for video game cosplayers worldwide. This is especially true of protagonist Aloy, whose warrior determination makes her shine with strength.


GingerPunkCosplay, too, has jumped into Horizon Forbidden West‘s cosplaying scene, rocking her own gorgeous Aloy cosplay.


Tori of Ginger Punk Cosplay is an Orlando-based cosplayer whose work ranges from Disney princesses to video game heroines. This time, she steps into the role of the machine hunter Aloy, capturing both her sweet and her tough sides.

Of course, Ginger Punk Cosplay creates a version of Aloy’s Nora Brave outfit. Although technically an “uncommon” outfit, this armor set is given to Aloy during the main quest of Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s a true trademark of the character, and Ginger Punk Cosplay has definitely done it justice.

Aside from the furs, the leathers, and the smaller fabric details, she’s also equipped herself with Aloy’s bow. This, too, requires its own lengthy process, but the result is completely worth it.

From the intricate stitching on the rich fabrics to the weathered look on her collection of beaded necklaces, this Aloy cosplay is a true work of art. Overall, every detail present is as accurate to the character as it can be, showing off GingerPunkCosplay’s love and dedication to the game.

Though she’s a natural redhead, Ginger Punk Cosplay actually commissioned this incredible Aloy wig from custom wig company ConHair Wigs. The careful braiding and puffed twists at the crown of her head are just gorgeous, giving her a real warrior look. Additionally, there’s an air of bravery and strength in her posture, resulting in a powerful Aloy cosplay.

Cosplay by @gingerpunkcosplayPhoto by: @focus_onward

For more of GingerPunkCosplay’s work, check her out on Instagram or via her linktree. Previously, she’s delved into a few other franchises, from Demon Slayer to The Witcher. You can also keep up to date with the photographers at @hynmayproductions, @ipsophoto, and @focus_onward.

Horizon Forbidden West is out now to play on PS4 and PS5.

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