Horizon Forbidden West Shows Off the Power of the PS5 in These Hi-Res Screenshots

Guerrilla posted some hi-res screenshots of Horizon Forbidden West and they will show you the graphical capabilities the PS5 can display.

June 12, 2020

Yesterday, we got a look at some of the games we can expect to see coming to the PS5. Everything from a Spider-Man expansion featuring Miles Morales, as well as a new Ratchet & Clank game. However, what stole the show for me and many others was the unveiling of Horizon Forbidden West from Guerrilla and how it just absolutly takes full advantage of the power of the PS5.

Below, you can find some hi-res screenshots of the game posted on Guerrilla’s Twitter account. As you can see, this game can probably take the crown for the best graphics of all time right now.

The world of this game looks absolutly breathtaking. The scene of the giant robot snapping turtle emerging from the water with all types of vegetation growing on its back left me with my jaw on the floor. Going back and watching the trailer in 4k just makes me shake my head because I never thought games could look this good.

The trailer also showed some aspects that I hope are coming to the game. A scene showed Aloy climbing the side of a snowy cliff. I am really hoping that we can climb whatever we see just like in Breath of the Wild. Plus, those gigantic robot elephants look straight-up awesome.

Sadly, there was no release date given for Horizon Forbidden West. It would have been an absolute bombshell if Sony announced that the game was going to be a launch game for the PS5 when it releases later this holiday season. But, it doesn’t look like that is the case.

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