Horizon: Forbidden West Officially Revealed for PS5

Horizon: Forbidden West Officially Revealed for PS5

We finally got a glimpse of the next Horizon game titled Horizon: Forbidden West.

After a bunch of hints coming from the Guerilla devs, we finally got to take a look at their next game, Horizon: Forbidden West. While the announcement of a sequel was not very surprising, it was great to see how the transition to the next generation of consoles looks for the series.

There was no release window given during the trailer. So we are still not sure if the game will be available at launch or if we are going to have to wait until a later date.

From what I got from the trailer, it looks like we are seeing what the world of Horizon looks like with life returning back to its world. We got a look at the wildlife with both animals and machines in its habitat. That giant robotic turtle popping out of the water with all types of vegetation on its back looked breathtaking.

Plus we got a look at the graphical capabilities that the PS5 can produce. Seeing Aloy riding on the sand was incredible. The widescreen pan overs of the overworld looked alive and vibrant. I can’t wait to pop into this game whenever it releases.

This is a bit of a personal note but I feel like I never the first game a fair shot. I was so excited about Breath of the Wild that I didn’t give the first one an opportunity until much later. I should probably play through it once again with a fresh perspective.

Below you can find the announcement trailer that was shown off during the show.