Horizon: Zero Dawn: Aloy Gets Around the World in “a Couple of Different Ways;” it’s “Not Just Walking and Running”

on October 24, 2015 3:47 PM

We don’t know just how big the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn will be, but what we’ve seen so far seems to indicate that it’s definitely vast. That’s why today I asked Senior Producer Mark Norris if we’ll have any mounts at our disposal.

While his answer wasn’t explicit, it was most certainly interesting:

“The reality is, a certain size of the world I think demands a mount, right? We take a look at a world like The Witcher, which is an enormous world, we take a look at a world like Skyrim, which is 41 square kilometers, and they’ve added mounts.

We take a look at GTA or Saints Row, those are games that have cars, right? So they have “mounts.”

We’re not ready to talk about the different ways that Aloy moves around the world, but what I can guarantee is, it’s not just walking and running. Certainly, she gets around the world in a couple of different ways.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m extremely interested in knowing what kind of methods of transportation the game will offer. Aloy seems to have a peculiar relationship with the machines, and I surely wouldn’t say no to riding a mecha dinosaur.

Of course, that’s just a personal theory, so feel free to bring up yours. Also, stay tuned for the rest of the interview, coming soon on DualShockers.

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