Horizon Zero Dawn Comic Preview Provides an Exclusive Inside Look at the Artwork

Take a closer look at Aloy and the machines in a four-page exclusive peek inside comic #1.

July 9, 2020

Even though we may be waiting for a while to get our hands on the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, Titan Comics has given us a little sneak peek into their upcoming comic book series to keep us all going until then. If you’re a lover of comic books and so happen to be a big fan of Horizon Zero Dawn then this news is exclusively for you, my friend. Co-created by Anne Toole, a writer on Horizon Zero Dawn, and with art from Ann Maulina, we take a look inside some of the artwork from the #1 comic issue.

The Horizon Zero Dawn comic series will follow the path of Talanah, a strong and determined hunter, who struggles to find purpose after her trusted friend Aloy as well as investigating a new threat that has sprung up in the Wilds. Titan Comics has revealed all four exclusive pages from Horizon Zero Dawn #1, all of which capture the awe and wonder of the game. You can also check out all the covers for the first issue right here which include an incredible variant that has been newly revealed featuring Aloy and Talanah fighting what looks like a brand new machine.

“Set on a far-future Earth, where nature has reclaimed the planet but massive, animal-like machines now rule the land, Horizon Zero Dawn follows the story of Aloy, an extraordinary young woman whose quest to solve the riddle of her mysterious origins takes her deep into the ruins of the ancient past.”

You can check out the artwork teaser from the first comic, below:

Horizon Zero Dawn is set to launch on PC on August 7 and recently, some gameplay footage has been released showcasing the beautiful world where Aloy and the machines co-exist. If you’re a lover of a good board game,  Steamforged Games has launched the Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, it has been put on hold for now but hopefully, everything will be up and running as soon as possible because, I for one, would love to get my hands on it.

Horizon Zero Dawn #1 is set to debut at comic book retailers worldwide and digital devices on August 5, 2020, for $3.99. You can pre-order now from your local comic shopForbidden Planet, and ComiXology. A lead-in story will be available for free on 22nd July from your local comic book store. For more information on free comic book day, you can check this website out.


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