Horizon Zero Dawn is Reportedly Coming to PC this Year

It seems like those rumors of Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC could be true after all.

By Logan Moore

January 16, 2020

Rumors began swirling last month that Sony’s PS4-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn was set to come to PC at some point in the future. While at the time, the rumors didn’t have a whole lot of credibility, today, it seems as though the game’s arrival on PC could very well be in the cards.

In a new report from Kotaku, it was said that Sony does indeed plan to bring Horizon Zero Dawn to PC later this year. This information comes from three separate sources that spoke with Kotaku anonymously. Considering Kotaku’s previous track record when it comes to reports of this type, it seems fairly likely that this will come to fruition.

Assuming that this does indeed transpire, it marks a drastic change in how Sony-published titles might be released in the future. While previous PS4-exclusives like Death Stranding or Detroit: Become Human have been released or are planned to launch on PC in the future, neither of those two games are first-party owned products from Sony. Horizon Zero Dawn, on the other hand, is exactly that and seems to show that moving into the PS5 era, Sony could be willing to bring its games to other platforms.

Obviously, Sony Interactive Entertainment has yet to make this entire situation official just yet, so don’t take any of this as complete truth as of now. Still, if and when this does get announced, it might have larger ramifications moving forward for Sony than you could initially expect.

We’ll keep you updated on this story moving forward if any official word of Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC is announced.

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