Rumors of Horizon Zero Dawn Coming to PC Seem Pretty Bogus

Rumors of Horizon Zero Dawn Coming to PC Seem Pretty Bogus

I wouldn't get your hopes up for a PC release of Horizon Zero Dawn next year if I were you.

If you’ve been on the Internet today, you may have seen some rumors swirling that Sony’s PS4-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn could be coming to PC next year. While that sounds all well and good though, it’s a rumor I wouldn’t put much stock in.

The rumors all stem from a Russian YouTuber by the name of Anton Logvinov who claims that Horizon Zero Dawn is set to hit PC in February 2020. Logvinov has some credibility his name because he previously also reported that Kojima Productions’ recent release of Death Stranding would come to PC as well. That was later confirmed to be happening and will be published on PC next year thanks to 505 Games.

The main problem with Logvinov’s report here with Horizon Zero Dawn is that there’s really no precedent whatsoever for Sony to bring its games to the PC platform. Sure, Death Stranding is coming to PC, but Kojima Productions also isn’t owned by Sony and planned to release that game on the platform from the beginning. The same can be said for Quantic Dream and games like Heavy RainBeyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human. Because both of these studios are second-party devs that worked with Sony, it allowed them to eventually bring their titles to another platform.

Guerrilla Games, however, is a first-party studio and is directly owned by Sony. No first-party titles in the PS4 generation have ended up then coming to another platform other than the PS4 itself. While Death Stranding runs on the same engine (Decima) as Horizon Zero Dawn, again, there’s no precedent whatsoever to see a first-party Sony-owned studio bring a game to any other platform. Why would that change here?

If Horizon Zero Dawn does end up coming to PC, it’d mark a drastic shift in how Sony releases its games and may signal bigger things that could be happening moving forward with the PS5. I also personally think that PC owners getting to play a remarkable game like Horizon Zero Dawn would be wonderful, so this would actually be pretty cool to see happen. But until Sony announces something formally, I remain extremely skeptical of this rumor and I think you should too.