Horizon Zero Dawn Trilogy Reportedly in the Works at Guerrilla

Guerrilla is said to be working on not only one follow-up to Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS5, but two.

April 24, 2020

While a sequel to Guerrilla’s 2017 release of Horizon Zero Dawn has always seemed to be in the cards, it looks as though Sony might have much larger plans in store for the relatively new IP.

In a new report from VGC, it is said that multiple sources have indicated that Horizon Zero Dawn is planned to become a full-blown trilogy. Guerrilla reportedly always had extensive plans in mind for the Horizon Zero Dawn universe and was said to have already written a script in multiple parts if future sequels were greenlit by those at Sony. After the game had an extremely strong showing at market, having sold over 10 million copies to date, Sony has seemingly now moved forward with these plans to make multiple sequels.


As for the upcoming installment in this now supposed saga, Guerrilla has been hard at work for Horizon Zero Dawn 2 for awhile now. Planned to release on Sony’s next-gen console the PS5, HZD2 is said to be much larger in scope and will also boast co-op functionality. Whether or not the co-op is tied to the game’s main story or instead a separate game mode isn’t known, however.

Considering Sony’s massive plans for Horizon Zero Dawn now, it shouldn’t come as a shock that the publisher has also decided to bring the first game in the series to PC later this year. While this move by Sony to bring a first-party game to PC is somewhat unprecedented, it seems to verify that the company is now trying to generate as much interest as it can in this franchise, especially if two ensuing sequels are now in the cards.

While a release window for Horizon Zero Dawn 2 still isn’t known, the sequel seems like a good candidate to be fully revealed whenever Sony begins talking more about the PS5 and its forthcoming next-gen titles. Based on previous reports, Sony could be planning to talk more about the upcoming console next month, but no such event has been announced just yet.

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