Horizon Zero Dawn Was in Development Even Before Killzone: Shadow Fall

Horizon Zero Dawn Was in Development Even Before Killzone: Shadow Fall

Guerilla Games made its PS4 debut with Killzone: Shadow Fall which was astonishing in terms of visuals and gameplay and gave players a glimpse of what’s to come in this gen of consoles. They revealed Horizon Zero Dawn in this year’s E3 at Sony’s press conference as their next project for the PS4.

Although, from the outside, they may seem to have been focusing entirely on their Killzone franchise and hasn’t developed any game outside of it since it launched on the PS2 in 2004, but MD and co-founder Hermen Hulst revealed the studio has been working on Horizon Zero Dawn on the side even before they started in Killzone: Shadow Fall.

He also commented on how Guerilla Games was very keen to making sure that the engine behind Killzone: Shadow Fall, was complete before launch.

“It’s been a huge, huge benefit for the studio when starting… Although, well… we actually commenced on the Horizon Zero Dawn project before we commenced on Killzone Shadow Fall,” says Hulst in the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine. “So I was going to say it’s been a huge benefit that we started with a mature engine, but the mature engine came into existence whilst the development of Horizon was ongoing! But nevertheless, because we were working on Shadow Fall, of course, to obviously have an engine ready at launch of PlayStation 4 was a boon to us.”

Horizon Zero Dawn will launch in 2016 exclusively on the PS4.