Horizon Zero Dawn Will Offer “Hours and Hours of Exploration;” Everything in the Game Is There for a Purpose

on September 12, 2015 5:53 PM

Guerrilla Games want to make Horizon Zero Dawn a successful new IP, and they are planning to do it with “hours and hours of exploration.”

Guerilla Games’ Managing Director Herman Hulst, stated that they aren’t aiming to build the biggest open-world game we have seen yet, but a quality journey that offers “hours and hours of exploration” in a “post-post-apocalyptic playground.”

“It’s a big world. It’s never been our ambition to make the biggest possible world, cause it’s not really about that, it’s about the quality of the journey, and the quality of the tactical combat against these machines. But it’s a vast world that’s hours and hours of exploration in this post-post-apocalyptic playground.”

When asked about achieving the balance between both futuristic and ancient scenery, he said that they focused on making everything in the game have a purpose. He also stated that there will be different tribes, each with its own traditions. Those tribes will also treat Aloy differently.

“I think the strength of Horizon is that everything that’s in the game is there for a purpose, everything is coherent. There’s a lot of cohesion between the tribes, how Aloy relates to the tribes, the machines, the robotic creatures in the game, what their function is, how they interrelate, how Aloy relates to them. So actually if you think it through, it’s one big plan.”

“The tribes are very different and you’re gonna explore in this game why the tribes look so different from each other, why they treat Eloi so differently. There is a purpose for that.”

Horizon Zero Dawn launches next year exclusively for the PS4.

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