First-Person Horror Game Apparition Gets a Startling First Trailer

First-Person Horror Game Apparition Gets a Startling First Trailer

Fat Dog Games and developer MrCiastku have revealed their dark and twisted horror game Apparition, set in a real-world North Carolina camping site.

Polish publisher Fat Dog Games and one-man developer MrCiastku (Shadows 2: Perfidia) have been working on their next hit to launch on PC. Although that date is still a little ways off in the future, their first-person perspective horror game Apparition has received its first trailer, showing that it’s sure to be a haunting experience.

Apparition takes place in the Devil’s Tramping Ground, a very real campground in North Carolina where local legend insists that unnatural phenomenon continue to prey on the souls that spend the night there. The game puts you in the shoes of a paranormal investigator, looking into the disappearance of those who were last in this place.

As an investigator in Apparition, it will be up to you to scour the forest at night to find the evidence that you seek of ghosts or even more dangerous creatures lurking behind the trees. You will need to use your trusty Ouija board in order to properly communicate with the phantoms and catch glimpses of them with your camera and audio recorder. It’s not a question of whether you will survive the night, but for how long? By continuing to collect more evidence, you will earn more points and gain position in global leaderboards.

Apparition is scheduled to release for PC sometime in Q2 2018. For more information on the game, you can visit its official webpage or its Steam page. Below you will find the first, short trailer for the game.