Check Out Horror Visual Novel Death Mark’s Eerie New English Trailer

Check Out Horror Visual Novel Death Mark’s Eerie New English Trailer

Aksys Games has released an eerie new English trailer for developer Experience Inc's upcoming horror visual novel Death Mark.

Aksys Games has released a new trailer for the upcoming horror visual novel title Death Mark. The game is being developed by Experience, the fine folks behind the Demon Gaze series, Ray Gigant, Stranger of Sword City, and a ton more. You can check out the new English gameplay trailer down below.

Death Mark follows a strange rumor that begins spreading amongst Tokyo residents. Tokyo’s “H” district is seemingly a place where people have begun to find a sort of death mark on their bodies. Those with this mark have died in unexplained ways. You play as a character who has lost their memory and finds the mark on their body. Thankfully, you’re lucky enough to have found a safe haven where the mark cannot affect you.

The game looks really interesting and is perfect with Halloween fast approaching. I myself have been itching to play a scary game and this looks like it could definitely fulfill my craving. Now I just have to choose whether or not I’m going to grab it on PS Vita or Nintendo Switch.

Death Mark will be coming to PS4, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch on October 31. An Xbox One version will be exclusive to Japan as of right now, with no plans of localization.