Hotline Miami 2 Could Possibly Launch on PS Vita and PC at the Same Time

on April 1, 2013 12:08 PM

The initially-unplanned sequel to the popular top-down shooter is on its way, though the game’s creators – Jonatan Söderström and Dennis Wedin – have cautioned fans not to get their hopes up for anything further. Hotline Miami 2 will be the definitive end to the series. The game’s plot will take place in the early 90’s and will feature much more complex nuances and emotional aspects to the story and gameplay. The protagonist from the first game will not be at the forefront of the sequel, but will still be present in a small role. The game’s unique soundtrack will also be similar to that of the first game.

A Vita port of Hotline Miami is currently being worked on, and if everything goes to plan, Hotline Miami 2 could possibly be released for the PC and PS Vita on the same day. Hotline Miami 2 is currently being developed by Dennaton Games and will be published by Devolver Digital. No release window has been announced.


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