Hound Picked Games Reveals Nairi: Rising Tide, Sunshine Manor, and More at PAX

Hound Picked Games Reveals Nairi: Rising Tide, Sunshine Manor, and More at PAX

NAIRI: Rising Tide and more from Hound Picked Games to be arriving in 2021.

Last week, at PAX Online, PR Hound revealed 4 new indie titles that are going to be arriving through Hound Picked Games and are all set to launch next year. Out of the titles, NAIRI: Rising Tide is slated to launch next year and will also arrive on Nintendo Switch.

PAX, which is where we broadcast our PAX panels this year, took place last week and saw a bunch of other panels and game announcements. Hound Picked Games revealed its lineup of 4 indie titles that are all slated to launch next year and with each game comes a brand-new trailer showing off gameplay and what to expect. Although at the moment details on each game are rather scarce.

Sunshine Manor is one title from Fossil Games and is an adventure horror and a prequel to Camp Sunshine. The trailer shows off some 2D gameplay in which you play as Ada who winds up on a haunting adventure instead of trick or treating. You’ll get to use a range of psychic powers to battle against creatures and solve puzzles around the world. It’s slated to launch Halloween 2021 for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and S, and PS5. It also seems to have a Kickstarter page due to launch which should see more details revealed.

Mystiqa is another title and comes from developer Julian Creutz and is a fantast-action-rpg that has been inspired by the classic games such as Final Fantasty and The Legend of Zelda, but also takes inspiration from modern titles such as Dark Souls. The game is played from a top-down view and the world is procedurally generated. You’ll find yourself pitted against enemies, but also different climates such as volcanic areas and blizzard-filled lands. The RPG elements allow players to make use of a hybrid class system and choose from a variety of styles of melee and ranged weapons.

Astral Equilibrium is a sequel to Kien and created in cooperation with the original creators. It allows you to play as Kjan and Elendel who are faced with the task of taking down the evil Khaalbak. When playing as Elendel, she’ll be battling enemies in the night, but during the day, you’ll play as Kjan. The trailer shows off some gameplay with more details expected to be revealed at a later date. It is planned to launch next year on Nintendo Switch and PC.

NAIRI: Rising Tide is a sequel to NAIRI: Tower of Shirin and developed by HomeBearStudio. It picks up from the previous game and finds the titular Nairi still trying to save her family. You can expect to be introduced to a range of new characters and old characters. The gameplay trailer shows off the point-and-click exploration and shows puzzles to solve as well as some options to choose whether to attack or flee a battle. The game is slated to launch on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2021.

The line-up certainly has a lot of retro-themes and inspirations from classics, and each game has been confirmed to have more details about them arriving at a later date to let us know more about features and more.