Housemarque’s Matterfall Launches on August 15th

Housemarque’s Matterfall Launches on August 15th

PS4 exclusive Matterfall gets a stealth release announcement.

Today, developer Housemarque — the team behind Super Stardust, Alienation, and more — announced that alongside its other game Nex Machina, which launches on June 20th for PS4 and PC, Matterfall will hit this summer: launching exclusively on PS4 on August 15th.

First time hearing about Matterfall? No problem: here’s an overview via Housemarque:

A Matter of Life and Death.

Blast through explosive waves of contemporary arcade action in this rapid-fire twin stick shooter.

As a hero-for-hire, survive high-intensity side-scrolling war zones in vertical cities overrun by mysterious “smart matter”.

Weaponize alien tech to destroy enemies infected by deadly Red Matter – and control Blue Matter to manipulate the world and forge the path forward.

• Combat enemies with a variety of powerful, high-end weapons
• Perfect your performance in levels to rack up a higher score than your friends
• Witness awe-inspiring visuals as Matter flows, glows, and explodes around you

Matterfall will cost $19.99 USD. Below, you can check out a new trailer which accompanied the news: