Housemarque Says the Time is Drawing Near When It Will Reveal Next Project

Housemarque Says the Time is Drawing Near When It Will Reveal Next Project

2020 will seemingly finally be the year in which Housemarque announces the mysterious game that it is working on at the moment.

Developer Housemarque has been hard at work over the past few years, toiling away on what the studio says is its largest project ever. While the general public still doesn’t know just what this new game will be, Housemarque announced today that the time is coming when it will soon lift the veil on this upcoming title.

Discussed in a new blog post on the studio’s website, Housemarque CEO Ilari Kuittinen talked a bit about what fans can expect from the company in 2020. Not only does this year mark the 25th anniversary of the studio, Kuittinen also talked about how work on the team’s current project is going.

“Our journey has taken us to a fantastic place where we are pinching ourselves to make sure this is not all just a dream. We are working on our biggest and most ambitious title yet and have amazing support from our yet-to-be announced partner,” Kuittinen said in the post. He went on to explain that the team working on this upcoming AAA project is comprised of nearly 80 people in total and that all other games at the studio, including that of Stormdivers, have been put on hold. “Despite not knowing if we would even get past the initial stages of pre-production, we have now spent almost three years working on this game, and now we are in full scale production and super excited to reveal more in the coming months.”

As for when this new game will be formally revealed, Kuittinen couldn’t reveal a specific window, but he did acknowledge that the publisher of the project, which is still unknown, will announce the game soon. “The time is drawing ever closer when our publishing partner will reveal what we are working on, with the launch coming after that,” Kuittinen wrote. “We are eagerly awaiting the day we can announce it.”

While we don’t know who will be publishing Housemarque’s next game at the moment, previous rumors have claimed that the studio has maybe struck a deal with Sony. Considering the past relationship between Sony and Housemarque on PS4 console-exclusive games such as Nex MachinaResogunMatterfall, and others, it stands to reason that the two could be working together again.

Perhaps, in fact, Housemarque is working on a title that will be coming to the PS5 upon its arrival later this year. A similar thing happened back in 2013 when the PS4 launched and Resogun ended up releasing alongside it. Maybe this could once again be the case with Housemarque’s newest game and the release of the PS5?

Regardless of what this new, AAA project from Housemarque ends up being, it sounds like we should find out soon enough. Whenever the game does get announced, we’ll be sure to let you know.