Housemarque Releases New Featurette from Upcoming Nex Machina Documentary

Housemarque Releases New Featurette from Upcoming Nex Machina Documentary

Ahead of release later this year, Housemarque has published 17 minutes of footage from their upcoming documentary detailing the design process of Nex Machina.

Coming off the heels of the release of Nex Machina earlier this week, Housemarque today released new footage from the upcoming documentary titled, The Name of the Game. The documentary, which is being done by New Dawn Productions and slated to release this year, has been filming since 2014 and has chronicled Housemarque’s entire development journey with creating Nex Machina.

The footage that Housemarque released today, a small “featurette”, shows off over 17 minutes of footage from the film. Specifically, we get to see some behind the scenes video of the team as they travel to Anaheim for PlayStation Experience 2016 — the location where Nex Machina was formally revealed. We also get a look at the development team setting up their booth on the show floor as well as meeting up with creative consultant Eugene Jarvis before the game’s reveal.


As for the film’s formal release, when we chatted with Housemarque in May, they said that the final release date is out of their control. Since the movie is being done by an outside studio, they do not have a say on when it will be complete. However, they did tell us that nearly 80% of the documentary has already been finished and at this point, the only thing remaining would be to shoot some post-launch content focusing on the release of Nex Machina.

If you want to check out the featurette for yourself, you can find it below. After the rise in video game documentaries over the past few years, The Name of the Game seems to offer something unique by showcasing an entire development cycle of a single game. In addition, be sure to check out our review of Nex Machina. You can also pick up the game for yourself right now on PS4 or PC.