Housemarque's Returnal Seemingly Isn't Releasing on PS5 Until 2021

Returnal won't be hitting the PS5 until next year according to one former Sony employee who apparently helped work on the title.

Earlier this year at Sony’s June PS5 event, developer Housemarque revealed that Returnal would be the studio’s next project and would be releasing exclusively on the next-gen PlayStation console in the future. While hard specifics related to the title weren’t really divulged, it seems as though we now have a good idea of when to expect it to release.

According to some new information that has come about, Returnal isn’t slated to release alongside the PS5 later this year and will instead be arriving at some point in 2021. The source of this claim is a bit strange though, so stick with me.

Found on the LinkedIn page of one Laura Gilbert, a User Researcher who formerly worked for Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, Returnal is set to release next year. Gilbert lists Returnal as one of the games that they worked on while at SIE Europe and when doing so, they pegged it for release on PS5 in 2021. It’s a very straightforward claim, but given that Gilbert has actively worked on the title, it’s one that is likely correct, too.

All in all, it’s not too shocking to hear that Housemarque’s third-person roguelike won’t be arriving until 2021. Considering that there were so few details given on the project back in June when it was first revealed, a launch next year makes much more sense. If it was due out later this year, you’d imagine we would have heard more about it already. Then again, the PS5 itself is set to release in the next two or three months and there are still a lot of supporting details we haven’t heard about with the console, so maybe that line of thinking isn’t necessarily true.

Thanks to @bogorad222 for the find with this story.

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