Housemarque Reveals Co-Op Mode and June 20 Release Date in New Trailer for Nex Machina

Housemarque's next arcade classic will feature a newly announced co-op mode to go along with a June 20 release date on PS4 and PC.

May 19, 2017

Today, Finland-based developer Housemarque released a new trailer for its upcoming twin-stick shooter Nex Machina. The game, developed in conjunction with industry legend Eugene Jarvis, will now feature a co-op mode and will arrive next month on June 20.

Housemarque said the following in regards to today’s announcements:

This is the day that Housemarque’s arcade games will go down in infamy for creating one of the simplest, but the purest action arcade games of our generation. A game that will remind you of the arcade classics of the 80’s but add on modern technology to complement that pure twin-stick joy.

Additionally we would also like to announce local co-op. This is something that we’ve been holding on for a long time but many of our friends already guessed that it will be a main stay, since it is a Housemarque title.

Local co-op will allow two players to play side by side, just like in the old school arcade halls, competing or helping each other out. So please enjoy the new trailer with new footage from winter tide level and two player scenes.

The co-op mode announcement comes as one of many new features that have been announced for Nex Machina over the past few weeks. Other new aspects include challenges, replay mode, and a season structure all which add more depth and replayability to the game.

In addition to today’s new trailer, we were recently able to speak with Housemarque about Nex Machina and the process behind working with an icon like Jarvis to create a game in the same vein as arcade classics like Smash TV and Robotron 2084. It’s a great discussion that provides a lot of insight into the game’s development.


In the meantime, check out today’s trailer which you can find below. Nex Machina will be arriving on both the PS4 and PC next month on June 20.

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