Housemarque's Stormdivers New Action-Packed Trailer Announces a Beta Sign Up

Stormdivers new action-packed trailer for Kinda Funny Games Showcase leads into a beta signup, for everyone interested in a new battle royale game.

December 8, 2018

If you’ve been missing some Housemarque in your life, Kinda Funny Games have you covered. Revealed at the Kinda Funny Games Showcase, Housemarque revealed a new trailer for their upcoming Battle Royale game, Stormdivers. Even better, you can sign up for the beta here.

Titled the “Ascend” trailer, it mostly consists of action shots of players running and gunning around a futuristic island. Jetpacks are still very much a thing in the gameplay, with a lot the scenes showing the player flying up or quickly navigating some tight corners.

At the end of the trailer, Housemarque signals that you can sign up for the game’s beta now. If you’re interested in that, feel free to sign up here:


Stormdivers was revealed in late April earlier this year, where they promised a “high flying” multiplayer-centric experience. And at Gamescom 2018, it was formally revealed that the game would be a Battle Royale title — drawing some criticism from longtime fans of the arcade-heavy developer. Even still, it’s worth noting that the game did look great in the initial trailer did look better than average for the constantly middling genre.

Stormdivers is coming to PC, though we don’t know if it will be coming to consoles down the line. There is currently no set release date but you can sign up for the beta with the link above. Otherwise, check out the trailer below:

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