Housemarque's Nex Machina Out Today on PS4 and PC; Launch Trailer Released

Nex Machina brings Housemarque's renown arcade twin-stick shooter action to PS4 and PC today.

June 20, 2017

Today, Finland-based developer Housemarque — who you may recognize from Resogun, Alienaition, Super Stardust, and more — has braced the PS4 and PC with its latest game: Nex Machina. 

Nex Machina was first unveiled at PSX 2016 for the PS4. Then in March 2017, Housemarque announced that the game was also coming to PC — making it the first PC game launch for the developer since Supreme Snowboarding back in 1999. The game is also the developer’s first self-published title.

Nex Machina is notably being developed with designer Eugene Jarvis as a creative consultant. Jarvis is known for his role in designing classic arcade shoot ’em ups such as Defender (1981), Robotron: 2084 (1982), and Smash TV (1990), all games which have inspired Housemarque and its games for years. 


As you may know, Housemarque has become widely known for perhaps making the best intense, arcade style twin-stick shooters in the biz. Nex Machina is another trip to this ever-giving well, with a focus on pure action, voxel destruction, competition, and a “cablepunk” themed future.

Here’s an official overview of the game via its Steam listing:

In the world of Nex Machina, humans have become so dependent on technology that they cannot avert their eyes from portable devices anymore. Around them, machines have reached consciousness and surpassed human intelligence tenfold. No reasons to be servants now – robots are clearly the superior lifeform. And to make their point, they start eradicating all human life…

Housemarque, the creators of Resogun, and Eugene Jarvis invite you on a trip back to the age of arcades and play Nex Machina, the twinstick shooter of this generation. Destroy the evil robots, free the humans and defeat your friends’ high scores along with their dreams of success. Do you have what it takes to make it to the top?

The game notably boasts over 100 levels across over 5 different worlds, local co-op multiplayer, a deep scoring system, plenty of secrets, voxel-driven technology, and of course leaderboards.

Nex Machina is available for $19.99 USD. However, if you purchase it on PC via Steam before July 5th: you will receive a 20% discount knocking the price down to $15.99 USD.

Below, you can check out Nex Machina’s official launch trailer, which accompanied today’s release. Additionally, be sure to check out our review of the game — where we dished out a prestigious score of 9.5 out of 10.

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