Houshou Marine - How Senchou got Temporarily Banned on July 8

Hololive VTuber Houshou Marine got banned - Nope, it's not because of lewd thumbnails or the dakimakura cover her YouTube channel got suspended

By Iyane Agossah

July 8, 2021

Hololive VTuber Houshou Marine got banned for a few minutes on July 8, her channel got suspended and was unavailable until YouTube brought it back online. She later explained what happened on stream.

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Houshou Marine July 8 ban rough timeline

At 4:21 AM EST, Houshou Marine tweeted YouTube banned her. She also retweeted some fun jokes Japanese fans did regarding her ban and joked about it herself with a short voice clip. If you speak Japanese, be sure to check her recent RTs for some good laughs.

The ban didn’t last long. TeamYouTube tweeted “We’ve just saw your tweet, please wait as we investigate what caused the channel’s suspension” at 5:20 AM EST.

At 5:27 AM EST, the Houshou Marine channel was back online. TeamYouTube apologized: “Your channel was restored. Our deepest apologies for the inconvenience caused.”

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The channel’s membership functions should be restored in a few hours.

Why was Houshou Marine banned

At the beginning of her July 8 stream that started at 8:55 AM EST, Houshou Marine immediately explained how she got banned. A lot of people immediately think in these cases that it’s because of too much anime cleavage showing. So Senchou denied these claims.

Houshou Marine: “Want to know how was I banned? I bet you’re all thinking “The captain’s lewd so she got banned” right?! Sure I’m lewd, but that’s not it!!”.

Senchou explained the channel suspension notification from YouTube did not say it’s because of “sensitive content”, which is the official motive used when a stream went overboard for YouTube.

Senchou also called idiots those who believed it’s because of the dakimakura cover ad on her stream. “There’s no way I’d get banned for it when it’s ants-sized and not that lewd”. You can buy the daki cover yourself on Hololive’s Booth btw, orders close on August 9.

Moreover, Houshou Marine also compared the level of lewdness contained in her content to the “Pokemon kids manga by CoroCoro Comics where Kasumi’s boobs are bigger” (Dengeki Pikachu) and how it’s not like she ever goes past that.

Houshou Marine dakimakura cover

Anyways. What actually happened is just that the channel got erroneously suspended by the YouTube AI / Algorithm. This isn’t the first time this happens to streamers, VTubers especially, and YouTube never fixed it. At least they were very fast to undo the ban this time.

Senchou kept chatting for one hour during that ban explanation stream. She also mentioned she only slept around three hours, and how other people at Hololive were pretty worried for her. Which made her happy, though she wish they laughed about it so she could just laugh off the situation too. Anyways, the stream’s archive is right below if you’ve missed it and got enough free time to watch it all (I don’t):

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Houshou Marine’s message following her ban explanation stream

Lastly, once the stream ended, Senchou shared one last tweet about this ban incident. I translated it below:

Houshou Marine: “I was a bit tired on stream today, my near thirties side kinda showed… But next stream I’ll be back to my usual 17 years old self so look forward to it! And thanks for your support YouTube. Not gonna hold a grudge after only getting banned once. Let’s keep getting along.”

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