How Does an Xbox One and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for £270 Sound?

on February 19, 2015 6:50 AM

Last we reported on a cracking little deal that UK video game retailer GAME was promoting that gave customers the chance to get their hands on an Xbox One console with two brand news games, albeit downloadable titles.

Today we’ve got another great deal that may or may not be worth slightly more to you, depending on your stance on the previous deal anyway.

UK outlet SimplyGames are currently running a promotion where customers can purchase an Xbox One plus a game in the form of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for the delightful sum of £270.

Yes, it’s a penny more than the previous Xbox One offer and yes, it does only come with one game, but if you’re looking for an Xbox One bundle that includes a decent shooter then you can’t do much better at this moment in time. The icing on the cake? The game is a boxed copy so there’s no lengthy download times, just pop it in your new machine and away you go.

Also handy for selling on or trading towards a new game once you’ve finished it, something that’s just not possible with digital downloads.

The price on the SimplyGames website states £300, but enter FEBDEAL10% and enjoy £30 off at the check out.

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