How Does the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Taste?

After a grueling investiagion, DualShockers has discovered exactly what the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will taste like.

Here’s a question… how does the next generation of Xbox taste? While others are asking around to find out how it will stack up graphically to the PS5, or what the UI looks like, we are asking the tough questions. Without an Xbox Series X on-hand, it’s a bit tougher to dig into these answers but our dedicated band of journalists™ have their ways to get these answers.

News comes from a conversation between Windows Central’s Tech Editor Jez Cordon and DualShockers’ Senior Staff Writer Benjamin Bayliss. In the Tweet below, Jez highlights some of of Windows Central’s upcoming coverage on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series X:

However, while this was a strong visual showcase of the current gen and next gen consoles, we could tell that Jez was hiding something: what exactly the Microsoft machines tasted like. Everyone knows that as soon as you get a new piece of hardware (or software), you remove the shrink wrap and pop that bad boy in your mouth. I mean… how else would people have found out that the Nintendo Switch cartridges have a terrible-tasting protective coat?

Knowing the burning question was on everyone’s mind, Bayliss quickly asked if we could get a taste test:

Thankfully, Cordon was able to get back to us quickly. In a surprise reveal, Microsoft — while pulling out all their stops on acquisitions and messaging — has made a fatal error. According to Cordon, the Xbox Series S|X “tastes pretty bland/neutral.” In a year of back-to-back PR successes for Microsoft, this is a killing blow and their first real misstep of next gen:

For anyone who isn’t immediately turned off from the news, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will officially release on November 8, 2020 — though currently sold out, you should keep an eye on Amazon for restocks to help support DualShockers.

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