How Long Will The Mario Items Be Available in Animal Crossing For?

Here's how long you have to buy the Mario items in Animal Crossing.

From March 1, Animal Crossing: New Horizons island residents have been able to buy a range of awesome Super Mario themed items. The items include furniture, decorations and clothing, but it’s not been made too clear if they are only available for a limited time – leaving players scrambling to get enough bells to purchase everything they want. This means players have been asking – “how long will the Mario items be available in Animal Crossing?”

What are the Mario items?

Overall there is a whopping total of 33 Mario items for players to purchase on their Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands. The full list of items is as follows:

  • Mario Hat – 1500 Bells
  • Peach Crown – 12000 Bells
  • Wario Hat – 1500 Bells
  • Luigi Hat – 1500 Bells
  • Mario ‘Stache – 1200 Bells
  • Wario ‘Stache – 1200 Bells
  • Luigi ‘Stache – 1200 Bells
  • Mario Outfit – 2400 Bells
  • Peach Dress – 6000 Bells
  • Wario Outfit – 2400 Bells
  • Luigi Outfit – 2400 Bells
  • Mario Shoes – 1400 Bells
  • Peach Shoes – 2400 Bells
  • Wario Shoes – 1400 Bells
  • Luigi Shoes – 1400 Bells
  • 1-Up Mushroom – 2000 Bells
  • Block – 1000 Bells
  • Coin – 350 Bells
  • Fire Flower – 1500 Bells
  • Floating Block – 1000 Bells
  • Goal Pole – 3500 Bells
  • Large Mushroom Platform – 3000 Bells
  • Pipe – 5000 Bells
  • Shell – 700 Bells
  • Small Mushroom Platform – 1000
  • Super Mushroom -1350 Bells
  • Super Star – 2000 Bells
  • Thwomp – 3000 Bells
  • ? Block – 1350 Bells
  • Mushroom Mural – 3000 Bells
  • Block Flooring – 3000 Bells
  • Lakitu’s Cloud Rug – 1500 Bells
  • Yoshi’s Egg Rug – 1500 Bells

With so many items available, that means players need to save and spend a lot of bells. Lucky Tom Nook!

How to get the Mario items.

The bulk of the items can be purchased from two different places. Nook Shopping is the place to go to get all of the furniture, including the wall and flooring and the Able Sisters is where you will want to go to get the different costumes. Players will also get a free Mario Mural just for downloading the most recent Animal Crossing: New Horizons update.

How Long Will The Mario Items Be Available in Animal Crossing For?

Thankfully, players don’t have to worry as the items will be available permanently. A tweet from the official Animal Crossing Twitter account stated: “These items are not time limited and can be ordered at any time.”

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