How Much Health Does A Klombo Have In Fortnite and Can You Kill It?

The Klombo can take a lot of damage!

January 19, 2022

Fortnite’s v19.10 update was deployed on January 18th and fans were shocked to find that not only had Tilted Towers finally returned as a point of interest but a new creature known as ‘Klombo’ was roaming the island, and it has a whole lot of health.

Thankfully, the Klombo isn’t an aggressive creature, so there really isn’t any benefit to killing one. However, should you choose to make an attempt at killing a Klombo, there are a few things you need to know.

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What Is A Klombo In Fortnite?

The Klombo is a new dinosaur-like creature that was included in the v19.10 Fortnite update. There are multiple Klombos roaming around the island and will all give you free loot if you feed them the new Klomberries.

Players are also able to use the Klombo as a quick getaway, simply climb up the creatures tail and head to the blowhole on top of its head. Once players stand on the blowhole it will blast you high up into the sky.

With multiple Klombos roaming the map, is there any reason to try and kill one? And how much health does it actually have?

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How Much Health Does A Klombo Have?

If you’ve attempted to kill a Klombo in Fortnite, you might have realised that no matter what weapon you use, you can only do a maximum of 1 damage per shot. Even using a lethal grenade on the creature will only inflict 1 damage to it.

Once you start attacking the Klombo it will instantly turn aggressive towards you and begin shooting projectiles from its blowhole. Should you accidentally anger a Klombo, we don’t recommend trying to kill one as they are pretty much invincible.

According to Fortnite Wiki page, the Klombo has a total of 2,000 health. Technically, this means they are killable, but we are yet to see anyone actually kill a Klombo due to the insane amount of damage required.

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