How Screwed is Your PSN Account? Who Cares, When You Have LifeLock!

By Allen Park

April 28, 2011

So, complete strangers potentially have a good chunk of your personal information, enough to steal your identity and retire early. Do you call the banks and put a fraud alert on your cards? Do you cancel them outright?

Who the hell gives two craps, when you have LifeLock there to take care of everything? Early yesterday an e-mail arrived from them right in our inbox; according to Media Relations Coordinator Tom Pitts, “Gamers need to be award [sic] of the identity theft scams lurking around this breach and I have experts available to provide your audience valuable tips on protecting their personal information from attack.”

Not to worry Tom, we’re absolutely “award” of the scams, and we don’t think we’ll need your help sorting that out, especially considering the CEO of your company has had his identity stolen 13 times.

Meanwhile, the drama continues with Sony, as they’ve been frantically trying to fix their networks and get PSN back up online. In their latest blog, they’ve condensed all this information into a detail-heavy Q&A. While they do state that they have no reason to believe credit card data was stolen, they do recommend taking precautions and monitor all of your potentially affected cards. Still no word on whether or not any sort of compensation will be provided; I certainly hope that news comes soon.

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