How to 3 Star 9th Clashiversary Challenge in Clash of Clans

A new challenge to Three-Star!

By Mehrdad Khayyat

August 2, 2021

Clash of Clans 9th Clashiversary Challenge is now live and here we will guide you through getting all three stars out of this.

9 years ago on August 2nd, Supercell officially launched Clash of Clans as an online multiplayer strategy game that started a great journey.

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Now, the game is really bigger than the day it was born, and Supercell celebrates the anniversary with yet another challenge.

United in Stormwind Cinematic Trailer

United in Stormwind Cinematic Trailer

How to 3 Star 9th Clashiversary Challenge in Clash of Clans

Destroy Traps Near the Pink Obstacle

Deploy your ordinary wizards near the oink obstacle in the northwest of the map, and let them step on traps. Try to deploy each wizard on a different side of the obstacle.

Destroy Traps Near the Cake Obstacle

Same as the previous step, deploy two or three wizards next to the 8th-Anniversary Cake obstacle at the northeast of the map to disable the traps.

Draw the Attention of All Troops

Now, head toward the Gift obstacle on the opposite side of the 8th-anniversary cake and deploy one or two wizards to draw the attention of troops and make them exit the clan.

Set Off Skeleton Traps

Deploy only one troop next to the chocolate cake obstacle at the south of the map to make skeleton traps appear.

Destroy Archer Tower at East and South

Deploy three Party Wizards next to the easter Archer Tower and let them destroy it and draw the attention of Skeletons.

Now, deploy the same amount of Party Wizards next to the South Archer Tower while Skeletons are away.

Start the Main Attack

Now, deploy one or two wizards in front of the southeastern entrance of the village to gather all Skeletons and some of the other troops into a small location. Now, freeze the enemy troops and spawn all Super Wizards as well as King, Queen, and Warden.

While your troops are making progress towards the center of the clan, try to use your Freeze, Heal, and Invisibility spells when they are needed, especially when Town Hall activates its defending lasers.

Once you destroyed all major structures at the center of the map, deploy your Royal Champion to destroy Archer Tower at the west and the Scatter Shot. Use a Freeze spell on Scatter Shot if required.

Congratulations! Now you should be able to get three stars from the challenge. If you find it hard to cope with the guide above, make sure to check out the video of JudoSloth as our guide is inspired by his great method.

Clash of Clans is now available for free on Android and iOS devices.

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