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How to Beat Druddigon in Pokemon GO Raid Guide, Weakness, Counters

The best way to take down the latest addition to the game.

December 7, 2021

Druddigon is the latest of the many Dragon types to be added into Pokemon GO and players are going to want to know how to beat Druddigon in raid battles.

This comes as part of the Dragonspiral Descent event that just kicked off, which focuses on the Pokemon you’d find at Dragonspiral Tower in Pokemon Black and White.

Druddigon is the only new Pokemon to be added as part of this event, so you know players are going to want to be adding this Pokemon to their collection.

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Pokémon GO | Season of Heritage

Pokémon GO | Season of Heritage

Every Druddigon Weakness In Pokemon GO

Druddigon is pretty straightforward and limited with its weaknesses due to the fact that it is strictly a Dragon type Pokemon. While it will have some types that are super effective again it, you won’t have anything that is double super effective against it in battle.

Due to being a dragon type, Druddigon is weak against Ice, Dragon, and Fairy type moves. Just to help with deciding move types to not put against it, Druddigon is resistant to Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric type moves.

How to Beat Druddigon – Raid Guide and Best Counters

While it’s not as easy as a tier one raid, Druddigon still shouldn’t cause you too much trouble in Pokemon GO as only a tier three raid.

As with most tier three raids, Druddigon can be taken down with a couple people. It’s probably possible to do with one person if you have the right counters, but a few people are recommended regardless to take it down quicker.

For trying to figure out how to beat Druddigon, we have some recommendations of Pokemon and moves for you to use against it.

Using other Dragon Pokemon like Salamence, Dragonite, Rayquaza, Haxorus, Garchomp, and current tier five raid boss right now Zekrom can be very useful, especially when using moves like Dragon Breath or Dragon Tail as Fast Moves and Outrage or Dragon Claw as Charge Moves.

These are going to be your best bet, but using Ice types like Mamoswine or Weavile can be effective, as well as part Fairy types like Zacian, Gardevoir, and Granbull.

As always, using Shadow versions of these Pokemon will be the best option due to being harder hitters, but you can just use the regular versions as well.

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