Pokemon GO: How to Beat Gengar - Raid Guide, Weakness, Best Counters

By Sam Woods

August 26, 2021

We’re now moving into the second half of Pokemon GO’s Ultra Unlock event and with it comes a bunch of different Raid Bosses.

The debuting Zacian is making way for its Pokemon Shield counterpart, Zamazenta and the likes of Snorlax, Galarian Stunfisk and Galarian Darmanitan will be joining the fray.

Alongside those, taking the place of Falinks, a Pokemon that was stopped from being a raid boss due to a bug is none other than the most popular Ghost-type Pokemon, Gengar.

If you’re looking to grab yourself a good one, here’s how to beat Gengar in Pokemon GO including all of its weaknesses and the best counters for those weaknesses.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl | Details Trailer

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl | Details Trailer

Can Gengar Be Shiny in Pokemon GO

The simple answer is yes.

Shiny Gengar’s tenure in Pokemon GO is fast approaching three years, with the spooky Pokemon releasing as part of a special Raid Day back in November 2018.

Players had their best opportunity of getting a shiny Gengar back in July last year as Gastly featured as the Community Day Pokemon.

Sadly, Shiny Gengar isn’t much to look at, turning only a slightly different shade of purple – however – when Shiny Gengar Mega Evolves, that’s when the main differences happen, with many lauding it as the best looking Shiny Mega Pokemon.

You can check out what it looks like below:

Gengar Weaknesses in Pokemon GO

Gengar has a dual typing in Pokemon GO, with its primary type being Ghost and its secondary being Poison.

Because of this, it has four different weaknesses in the game, they are Dark, Ghost, Ground and Psychic-type moves.

That being said, there is a range of moves that definitely won’t help you beat Gengar, due to its array of resistances.

Grass and Fairy-type moves are only 62.5% effective, Poison, Normal and Bug-types only 39.1% effective and worst of all, Fighting-type moves are only 24.4% effective. Avoid these at all costs.

How to Beat Gengar – Raid Guide, Weaknesses and Best Counters

As stated, Gengar has four major weaknesses you should look to exploit in Pokemon GO Raid Battles.

Its weaknesses mean that there are three very solid Mega Pokemon you could bring to raids – they are Mega Gengar, Mega Houndoom and Mega Gyarados.

As Mega Pokemon boost moves of the same type, providing you took one of the above, you’ll then want to bring more Dark or Ghost-type Pokemon. The best options here are Gengar, Darkrai, Chandelure, Yveltal, Giratina and Hydreigon.

There are also a range of solid Ground and Psychic-type picks as well. These include Mewtwo, Landorus, Latios and Groudon.

You can find the best movesets for each of the above Pokemon right here:

  • Mega Gengar – Lick/Shadow Ball
  • Mega Houndoom – Snarl/Foul Play
  • Mega Gyarados – Bite/Crunch
  • Gengar – Lick/Shadow Ball
  • Darkrai – Snarl/Dark Pulse
  • Chandelure – Hex/Shadow Ball
  • Yveltal – Snarl/Psychic
  • Giratina – Shadow Ball/Shadow Claw
  • Hydreigon – Bite/Dark Pulse
  • Mewtwo – Confusion/Psystrike
  • Landorus – Mud Shot/Earthquake (Therian) or Earth Power (Incarnate)
  • Latios – Zen Headbutt/Psychic
  • Groudon – Mud Shot/Earthquake

As the majority of the above Pokemon are Legendary, or at least a lot harder to get hold of, here are some of the best budget picks you can take to help beat Gengar Raids:

  • Alakazam – Psycho Cut/Psychic
  • Garchomp – Mud Shot/Earth Power
  • Metagross – Zen Headbutt/Psychich
  • Rhyperior – Mud Slap/Earthquake
  • Tyranitar – Bite/Crunch
  • Espeon – Zen Headbutt/Psychic
  • Exeggutor – Confusion/Psychic
  • Banette – Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball
  • Weavile – Snarl/Foul Play

How Many People are Required to Beat Gengar?

Although Gengar has a very high attack stat, defensively it’s poor.

This means, provided you bring a selection of the counters that have been listed, you should be able to beat Gengar alone pretty easily.

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