Biomutant - How to Beat Porky Puff Boss Easily

By Sam Woods

May 25, 2021

After a long time in the proverbial oven, Biomutant has finally released worldwide.

The quirky, open world, animal-focused action RPG has topped many gamers most anticipated list, so it’s undoubtedly a relief that the game has arrived with no further games.

As is normal with most brand new titles, players are encountering some bumps in the road, one of which is the first boss – Porky Puff.

Here’s our guide on how to beat this three-headed monster.

Biomutant – May The Furrth Trailer

Biomutant – May The Furrth Trailer

How many stages does the fight have?

The Porky Puff boss fight has two stages, however, midway through stage one, the boss switches up his style.

How to Beat Porky Puff Stage One.

Stage one is set on the water and, for my money, is actually a lot harder than the second half of the fight.

Porky Puff has infinite health until stunned, and the fact you’re on the water makes things difficult.

In order to beat stage one, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Press the Square/X button when next to a mine to latch onto it.
  • Drag the mine to Porky Puff, being sure to dodge its wave attacks.
  • Once next to Porky Puff, drop the mine and press R2/RT to make the mine explode.
  • From here, you’re free to unload on Porky. You can grab more mines to use on him, however, as you only have a limited window, I’d recommend shooting him it in one of its heads.

After you’ve done enough damage, Porky can dive under the waves like a shark. It’s imperative you dodge these attacks as they can one or two hit KO you.

It’s also incredibly wise to be stocked up on healing items. Although Porky’s wave attacks don’t hit hard, the damage can stack up.

You also need to ensure that you’re dodging the waves while towing the mine. Getting hit means you’ll drop the mine, slowing things right down.

How to Beat Porky Puff Stage Two.

As I mentioned earlier – I had far less trouble with Biomutant’s first bosses second stage.

The boss moves on land, opening himself up to more punishment, plus, he doesn’t have the infinite health.

This time, dodge his boulders by diving and jump over the waves of dirt he sends your way. In between, damage him as much as you can.

Regardless of whether you’re using a more melee or ranged focused build, I’d keep back and use ranged weapons against Porky.

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