How To Beat Rocket In The Guardians Of The Galaxy Shooting Competition

Don't let Rocket win in this heated competition!

October 25, 2021

Guardians of the Galaxy is all about the banter back and forth between teammates and this ends up leading to a shooting game early on where you need to know just how to beat Rocket.

This shooting competition is held in the Quarantine Zone, where Rocket reveals that he has hacked into Star-Lord’s visor at some point and put in a score counter.

From that point forward, you two are in competition with one another to shoot as many of the specific hanging objects as you can.

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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Official Reveal Trailer

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Official Reveal Trailer

How To Beat Rocket In Guardians of the Galaxy

As mentioned before, this competition occurs within the quarantine zone when Star-Lord and Rocket are by themselves. As soon as Rocket mentions the competition, the game is afoot.

From there on, you need to keep a close eye out for these little white bag like objects that will be hanging up in different areas in the Quarantine Zone.

As soon as you see one, make sure to fire and beat Rocket to the punch to add a point to your total. Rocket will even try to cheat and say he’s going to get two points for each shot since you have two blasters, but don’t worry about that.

What you need to do is just be very aware of where they are, specifically when you get to an open area with a ton of them. The best strategy in that area is to try and shoot as many from afar as you can, because Rocket typically stays back and won’t get most of them before you can.

Eventually, you will reach a point where you’ve gotten enough to where Rocket cannot win and you will be the champion.

What’s The Reward For Winning?

Guardians of the Galaxy itself doesn’t really have built-in challenges, but this is certainly an interesting one that takes place very early in the game.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any sort of in-game reward for beating Rocket other than just having the bragging rights over him.

However, that doesn’t mean that winning is absolutely worthless, as it will reward you with a trophy for beating him known as “Eat It, Rodent.”

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