How to Break the Final Seal & Clear Heart of Watatsumi in Genshin Impact

How to get the Key of the Moon-bathed Deep and unlock Enkanomiya

January 5, 2022

Genshin Impact 2.4 adds the Enkanomiya area of Inazuma, but you’ll first need to complete the Moon-Bathed Deep Quest series, most notably Heart of Watatsumi & the “Break the Final Seal” objective, to obtain the Key of the Moon-bathed Deep. Here’s our quick guide to help.

How to trigger the Moon-Bathed Deep Quest series in Genshin Impact and unlock Enkanomiya

First, you’ll need to go to speak to an NPC, a shrine maiden / Miko called Tsuyuko to trigger the Quest. You can find Tsuyuko near the Statue of the Seven at Mouun Shrine in Watatsumi. As you get near her, a blue exclamation mark will show up on your mini-map so you can’t miss her.

Tsuyuko will ask you to go solve the puzzles in four different locations of Watatsumi to obtain four Spirit Pearls. Each of the locations will be displayed in your quest log with the names: Eye of Watatsumi, Fang of Watatsumi, Fin of Watatsumi, and Tail of Watatsumi. Each of these Quests is straightforward with solutions directly explained in-game.

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Genshin Impact | “Shenhe: Crane in the Wild” Character Trailer

Genshin Impact | “Shenhe: Crane in the Wild” Character Trailer

How to clear the Heart of Watatsumi Quest & Break the Final Seal

Once you’ve cleared the four other Quests, go talk to Tsuyuko who will indicate on your map the Heart of Watatsumi. Go there, and you’ll see a blue door, you’ll have to use the four Spirit Pearls to open it. This is the location of the cave if you can’t find it:

As you go inside the cave you’ll find the same puzzles as in Fin of Watatsumi. There are 4 puzzles, but you’ll have to keep the one at the deep end of the cave for last.

Each puzzle has three fish statues you need to rotate so they all face the inner disc of the puzzle. You can just rotate them one by one. Whenever you’re done, Hydro Mimics will spawn so it’s best to have a Cryo character in your party. Once you’ve defeated the monsters, go near the Mysterious Pillar of the puzzle to use it and lock the puzzle.

How to get the Key of the Moon-bathed Deep

Do the exact same steps for the remaining two puzzles, then go to the fourth one at the deep part of the cave and repeat the same steps above again. Once you’re done, a cutscene will trigger, with the Key of the Moon-bathed Deep appearing at the center of the cave.

How to fix the possible Break the Final Seal cave bug

Moreover, I’ve only ever seen a handful of players talk about it, but it’s possible that a bug will trigger: sometimes the puzzles in that cave simply don’t trigger. And the Quest objective will stay stuck on “Break the final seal”. If this happens, you’ll have to teleport away, come back, and redo the puzzles.

How to go to Enkanomiya now that you’ve cleared Heart of Watatsumi

Now that you have the Key of the Moon-bathed Deep, you’ll be able to access Enkanomiya as per the lore, with the entrance being the shining pool in front of Sangonomiya Shrine. If further steps are needed when Version 2.4 launches, we’ll be sure to update this guide as soon as we can.

Update: Check our dedicated guide for the final, final Quest required to access Enkanomiya, The Still Water’s Flow. Ask me in the comments or on Twitter if you need more help.

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