How to Build Valheim Fish Trap Using a Few Stacks of Woods

A new Valheim fish trap can easily turn you into the king of fishing.

April 6, 2021

A Reddit user has revealed a new method for fishing in Valheim that doesn’t need so much work or time. Let’s find out how this Valheim fish trap works.

Valheim has been one of the most successful early-access launches of this year so far. Although it was released a few months earlier only on Steam, the game now has a huge community looking for more content from the developers.

If you happen to visit the sub-Reddit for Valheim, there are a lot of useful methods to learn about the game, and here we have one of the most notable ones that will make fishing one of the easiest activities in the game for you. Let’s see how Nacon has crafted his brand new fish trap in Valheim.

How to Build Nacon’s Valheim Fish Trap

Nacon is a Reddit user who has shared this method of fishing for the first time on Valheim’s sub-Reddit. The rule for building this trap is very simple and Nacon has explained the details on his Reddit post, which you can check out down below:

The only thing you need to have for building this fish trap is a few stacks of woods. Once you have them, build the trap based on the instructions above and watch how different kinds of fish will trap themselves inside Nacon’s wooden invention, thanks to a glitch in the movement system of fish in Valheim.

Valheim is now available on PC through Steam. The game is still in the early access phase and there’s no official release date for the full version. The developers recently revealed the 2021 roadmap, which includes four major updates with big content packs. There could even be more updates if the development team reaches the determined deadlines just in time.

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