How to Clear The Still Water's Flow in Genshin Impact & Go To Enkanomiya

How to clear the final Quest to unlock Enkanomiya

January 5, 2022

Here’s how to Clear The Still Water’s Flow in Genshin Impact, the final and newly added Quest in Version 2.4 you need to complete before reaching Enkanomiya.

First, before being able to trigger The Still Water’s Flow, you’ll need to have cleared the Quests Moon-Bathed Deep and Heart of Watatsumi.

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Genshin Impact | “Shenhe: Crane in the Wild” Character Trailer

Genshin Impact | “Shenhe: Crane in the Wild” Character Trailer

How to Clear The Still Water’s Flow in Genshin Impact, final Quest before Enkanomiya

Look for the remaining Key Sigils

After speaking with Tsuyuko again, she’ll explain how you’ll need to find the two remaining Key Sigils. She will indicate them on your map.

The first Key Sigil is in the same cave you went to in the Heart of Watatsumi Quest:

You’ll see a group of Fatui as you enter the cave, most notably those who trigger Hydro barriers, so put an Electro character in your party. Once you’ve defeated them, get near the objective to pick up the Key Sigil.

At the second seal, which is much easier to find, you’ll have to fight a bunch of Automatons. Just bring your strongest characters as there’s no particular Elemental strategy to adopt. I like freezing them though.

Follow Tsuyuko’s instructions and activate all the altars

Now, the altars will be displayed on your map as two blue dots. Go near the first Altar then circle around it until you see the unlock option appear. Use the Key Sigil to trigger a cutscene. Go to the second altar, repeat these same steps, and you’re done.

If you can’t see the Unlock option appear, check how I do it in the video below. Make sure to get close to the atar and then circle until it appears.

Now go back to Tsuyuko for another cutscene, and you’ll be able to enter Enkanomiya. I’m going through Enkanomiya myself right now but I’ll help if I can if you reach out to me on Twitter or in the comments.

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