How to Complete Destiny 2 Bound in Sorrow Week 5 Quests

Crow and Commander Zavala both were set free of their Nightmares, and now it's time for a new mission!

June 21, 2022

Destiny 2 Bound in Sorrow questline resumes today as we have officially stepped into the Week 5 in the Season of the Haunted. More new steps are now available in our long mission to loosen the the connection of Calus and his nightmares with the Pyramid.

Last week we eventually managed to help Commander Zavala to get rid of the Nightmares. Haunting Zavala by remining him of his past, Nightmares had managed to bleed into the soul of Zavala’s former wife, Safiyah.

After a failed attempt to complete the ritual and set Zavala free of his Nightmares, we managed to finish the ritual last week, where Zavala finally meet the Safiyah herself with any Nightmare effects.


Now, with this brief overview, let’s get started with the new tasks for the Destiny 2 Bound in Sorrow questline in Week 5:

Step 29 – Talk to Eris at Crown of Sorrow

Similar to the previous weeks, you should receive your mission from Eris at Crown of Sorrow in HELM.

Step 30 and 31 – Complete Tiers of Nightmare Containment and Create a Bound Presence

Your first task is to head to Derelict Leviathan and complete 3 tiers of Nightmare Containments. Make sure to create a Bound Presence at the end of Tier 3 by interacting with the Harvester. Of course, you are going to need 500 Vestiges of Dread to create the Bound Presence, so if you don’t have enough resources, you can gain some Vestiges by either grinding the Derelict Leviathan or playing Crucible matches.

Step 32 – Head to HELM to Get an Urgen Message

Once you are inside the HELM, head to Holoprojector and get the message from Caiatl. Then you will be tasked for a new mission.

Step 33 – Go to Underbelly of Leviathan and Find Caiatl

Select Moon from directory and launch the Sever mission. You will company Caiatl’s troops to destroy Calus’ army. After setting up the first amplifier, you will reach a new hole which is blocked with electricity. Head to the room in front of you and just above the door inside the room, you will find two electricity collectors. Destory them and open your pass down to the hole.

Now, you will find yourself inside a new corridor where you should interact with a number of objects to open your path. The first object is a control device that you will find in front of you. After activating it, an immune giant will appear. You can’t kill it, so just runaway to follow your tasks.

Overall, there are three routes branching out from this corridor. The first one on your right will lead you to a dead end, where you should place an item. Then, come out to the corridor and head to the other exterior route, which will send you to activate another control device. Now, head back to the main corridor again and go to the third exterior on the left, which is a ramp toward a new big area with a door at the end that should now be open.

There is also a bubblehead collectible beneath the platform in this open area before your each the door as show in the image below.

Now, Go through the door and then turn right, where you will meet Caiatl’s soldiers in a long hallway. At the end of the hallway you will find Caiatl, and then you can begin the ritual, during which you should kill the Ghoul of Dominus Nightmare. This is a tough fight, so, make sure you have enough explosives.

Step 34 – Head to Sanctuary in Moon

After defeating the bossfight, you will be asked for a meeting with Eris at Sanctuary in Moon.

Step 35 – Clear K1 Revelations Lost Sector

Head to K1 Revelations Lost Sector on Moon – marks will show you the way – and kill the boss to loot its rewards. Keep in mind that the boss is immune to attacks thanks to a number of shards. Each shard is being guarded by a Tormented Nightamre. You should stand next to a shard for a few seconds to see its guarding troops spawn. After killing the Tormented Nightmare, destroy the shard.

Do the same for all the shards until you remove the boss’s immunity, and then fight with it to destoy it. Loot the lost sector to get your next mission from Eris.

Step 36 – Go Near to Pyramid Beneath the Surface of Moon

Now, head back outside from the Lost Sector and follow the marks to reach a rocky edge near the Pyramid.

Step 37 – Investigate the Area Near the Pyramid

You will find a number of corpses on the ground at the rocky edge. Investigate them, and your quest will be updated.

Step 38 – Talk to Eris at Crown of Sorrow

Head back to HELM and report your findings to Eris. And with this, you have completed the quests for this week. More steps will be available next Tuesday at the weekly reset time.

Keep in mind that the Bound in Sorrow questline is only available for those who have purchased the Season Pass. However, you can still play the Nightmare Containment activity without having a battle pass.

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