How to Complete Pumpkin Graveyard Challenge in Clash of Clans

New Halloween Challenge!

October 21, 2021

In celebration of Halloween 2021, Supercell has released the Pumpkin Graveyard Challenge in Clash of Clans, and here we will find out how to earn three stars from this challenge.

There are always some tricky tactics to earn three stars from the Clash of Clans challenge. While you can probably find the way on your own by repeating the challenges over and over, we can offer you some help you want to get the challenge done easier.

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The latest Pumpkin Graveyard Challenge might not seem too tough, but it does need some tricky plans for getting all the stars out of it.

Clash of Clans | Super Bowler Trailer

Clash of Clans | Super Bowler Trailer

How to Complete and Three-Star Pumpkin Graveyard Challenge in Clash of Clans

Spot the Multi-Target Inferno on the top right of the map. Now, spawn three Pumpkin Barbarians at three different locations around the Multi-Target Inferno to awaken the Royal Ghosts and Skeletons. Now, drop another Pumpkin Barbarian on the right wall – a little bit below the Multi-Target Inferno – to get the Skeletons to the other side of the wall. Wait for 12 seconds until the Royal Ghosts lose invisibility.

Now, go down the map and spawn your Royal Champion for destroying X-Bow, and your Super Bowler for crushing Mortars. Soon after this, you will notice that Royal Ghosts and Skeletons are going towards your lately spawn heroes. So, it’s time to spawn 16 Pumpkin Barbarians plus 2 Valkyries on the east side of the map to distract and eliminate them.

Let Royal Champion destroy the Builder Hut and then enable its ability. Now, head to the western side of the map and spawn the following troops at the southwest of Town Hall: All Pumpkin Barbarians, King, Queen, Grand Warden, and Valkyrie. Once all troops raid inside the clan, activate the abilities of King and Grand Warden.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for Royal Champion and Super Bowler. If you see the Town Hall activated, make sure to use an invisibility spell on the two.

Now, you’re almost finished. Watch the heroes until they crush everything and move to defeat the Multi-Target Inferno. You still have one invisibility spell. So, if things go south near the end, use it. (Thanks, Judo Sloth!)

Clash of Clans is now available for free on Android and iOS devices.

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