How To Complete Warframe Granum Void - Granum Crowns, Spectral Debris, Rewards

Kill the Errant Specters to obtain Spectral Debris and rewards!

The Granum Void challenges are back once again in Warframe Sister Of Parvos update.

You can refer to our step-by-step guide below on how to obtain the Granum Crowns to enter Granum Void and battle the Errant Specters to summon a Sister.

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What Is Granum Void in Warframe?

The Granum Void is a special game mode in Warframe that can be unlocked only after completing The Deadlock Protocol. The main purpose of this game mode is to farm protea and the unique weapons that come along.

Here you will be presented with a set of challenges on the Corpus Ship. In order to complete it, you will need to acquire the Granum Crown that allows you to access the Granum Void.

These items are one-time use and they drop from corpus enemies called Treasurers. The Treasurers are basically a special corpus unit that spawns on Corpus Ship missions and they are guaranteed to drop a Granum Crown when killed.

Granum Crown

There are three different Granum Crowns and the level of mission you choose will determine what crown you get.

  • Regular Granum Crown: Level 0-15
  • Exemplar Granum Crown: Level 16-30
  • Zenith Granum Crown: Beyond level 30

Each of these Granum Crown enables you to access one of the three different Granum Void by spending one Crown.

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How To Get Granum Crowns

As discussed above, you will have to obtain a Granum Crown by killing a Treasurer. The type of crown a Treasurer drops is based on the mission’s level.

Also, Treasurers spawn only once per round on Corpus Ship. They spawn around 2-5 minutes in a non-endless mission and between 5-8 minutes in an endless mission.

After a Treasurer spawns, you will have 90 seconds to kill them before they teleport out of the map. Now, killing them can be hard because their shields have 99% damage reduction and their health has 98% damage reduction.

Hence, it is recommended to build your weapons using magnetic toxins since those are the elements they are vulnerable to.

Once you have the Granum Crown, you will have to interact with one of the Golden Hands on the Corpus Ship to enter the Granum Void.

When you find one of these hands, make sure you have no enemies nearby before interacting with the console in front of it. In doing so, you will get three options to choose from your Granum Crowns and to enter the Void that’s associated with it.

Each Granum Void tier will feature a higher level of enemies and offer a different reward pool. You can check out all the rewards here.

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How To Enter Granum Void

To be deemed worthy of a Sister, you must enter the Granum Void found on Corpus Ship tilesets. By using a Zenith Granum Crown at a Golden Hand Tribute you will enter Parvos Granum’s pocket of the Void to battle Errant Specters. By reaching at least Rank 1 within the Granum Void you will call a Sister.

So use your Granum Crown in front of the Golden Hand to open and enter a portal that will take you to Granum Void.

In the Granum Void, you must kill as many Errant Specters as possible within 60 seconds. This timer can be replenished in two ways:

  • Collecting particles (yellow triangles) either dropped by the Specters or occasionally found as is in the Void will add 5 seconds to the timer.
  • Freeing Solaris captives (floating in the air, with a yellow mission marker) by killing the specters with Xoris to stack charges and using its Charged Throw will add 20 seconds to the timer.
  • There are always 3 Solaris on the map, giving players an additional 60 seconds in total.

Once the time is up or players have reached the highest reward Rank, all players in the Granum Void are teleported back to the standard map, and all Golden Hand Tributes will turn away from the player, preventing further access to the Granum Void for the rest of the mission.

Spectral Debris

There is a new resource in Warframe called Spectral Debris. They are discharged specter particles forming a cloud of inert dust that can be collected and re-energized for various robotic projects.

Errant Specters in the Granum Void have a chance to drop Spectral Debris. This resource is used in the Hound Component crafting process.

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