How to Complete Weakness of the Ego Quest in New World

Here is how to craft a Corruption Tincture.

September 30, 2021

If you wonder how you can craft Corruption Tincture and complete the Weakness of the Ego quest in New World, continue reading as you will find all the answers your need.

Although New World is an MMORPG and players are free to roam on the island of Aeternum and do their own things, there is indeed a storyline featuring several quests that reward players with quite valuable items.

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One of the quests that can be triggered by talking to Adiana Theron is about crafting a consumable item called Corruption Tincture, but it needs some requirements that you might need a guide to find them all.

New World | Launch Trailer

New World | Launch Trailer

How to Craft Corruption Tincture for Weakness of the Ego in New World

You will be able to craft this consumable at an Arcane Repository at any settlement in the game, however, you first need to collect the requirements. Below, you can take a look at the brief list of needed items for Corruption Tincture:

  • Harvesting Level 30
  • Sickle
  • Water
  • Petalcaps
  • Rivercress Stems

Now, let’s see how you can get each of the requirements individually.

How to Get Sickle and Increase Harvesting Level

You can craft sickle at the forge. There are different versions for sickle but the easiest one to build is a flint and a wood to be forged at a Tier 1 Forge Station.

You can upgrade your harvesting level by harvesting itself. Simply try to collect more plants, and your level will increase.

How to Get Water and Petalcaps

For Water, the only thing you need to do is to find a river and simply collect a minimum amount of water from the river.

Petalcaps are green plants that you can find plenty at the Windsward region in Aeternum. Collecting three units of Petalcaps would be enough for Corruption Tincture.

How to Get Rivercress Stems

You can find these blue flowers close to the rivers in the game. If you want a more direct address, visit the riversides between Everfall and Windsward. You will need to have a sickle and reach Level 30 of Harvesting to be able to get Rivercress Stems.

Now that you have all the requirements, go to an Arcane Repository, craft the Common Corruption Tincture, and visit Adiana Theron once again to complete the quest and receive your rewards.

New World is now available on PC.

Source: GameRant

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