How To Cook and Get More Cooking Recipes In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Cook up a storm with the new 2.0 update.

November 4, 2021

Animal Crossing New Horizons has finally added the ability to cook in update 2.0 and you will very much want to learn how to cook and how to get even more cooking recipes for you to try out.

Cooking in Animal Crossing New Horizons is something that people have wanted for a while and has finally made the cut in what is said to be the final major update for the game.

This free update comes alongside the new Happy Home Paradise paid DLC as well, but the cooking is included as part of the free one.

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Puma x Animal Crossing: New Horizons collection Trailer

Puma x Animal Crossing: New Horizons collection Trailer

How To Cook In Animal Crossing New Horizons

As cooking is something new to Animal Crossing New Horizons with update 2.0, this means it is not available right away to you. Instead, you have to purchase access to cooking first before you can do anything.

This can be done at Resident Services, so start off by heading there. Once you are there, go to the Nook Stop kiosk inside and select to Redeem Nook Miles.

Now go over to the second tab that’s listed as Special and scroll down to the item known as “Be A Chef! DIY Recipes+.” This will cost you 2,000 Nook Miles, so go ahead and purchase it to start.

By purchasing this, your Nook Phone will be updated, with the DIY Recipes section now becoming the DIY Recipes+ section that will allow you to start cooking.

To start, you’ll have some recipes available to you under the categories of Savory or Sweet. This includes Flour, Sugar, Carrot Potage, Pumpkin Bagel Sandwich, and Tomato Curry under Savory and both Pancakes and Cherry Smoothie under Sweet.

This will show you what ingredients you will need for these recipes, including things like Potatoes, Carrots, and more that have just been added to the game, in addition to things that have already existed like Pumpkins and Sea Bass, and Cherries.

You need to figure out what ingredients you will need for the specific recipe you want, so make sure to consult our other guides on how to acquire those different ingredients.

Once you have acquired the necessary ingredients, you’re going to need to head to a kitchen to do so and have a stove to do so. Go up to the stove to interact with it and you will be able to craft any of the items you have the right ingredients for.

Cook the meal that you choose here and now you’ll have the item that you can place out on your table to add to the look of your house or beyond.

How To Get More Cooking Recipes

While you will be provided the recipes mentioned above for purchasing the DIY Recipes+ item, there are more cooking recipes for you to acquire out there just like with crafting objects in the game.

To expand the options for what you can cook, you’re going to have to take a visit to Nook’s Cranny and purchase the Basic Cooking Recipes for 4,980 Bells to unlock even more.

From there, you need to keep checking Nook’s Cranny and the Nook Stop for additional recipes options that you can cook in Animal Crossing New Horizons. In addition, you can also get them in the same way you get other DIY recipes, such as from balloons and from bottles on the beach.

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