How to Defeat and Get Kageroumaru in Genshin Impact Canine Path

Here are some tips to help you defeat Genshin Impact Event challenge boss Black Shadow Hayate no Gotoku Kageroumaru

December 13, 2021

Genshin Impact just launched the final phase of the Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog Event, which features an Event boss fight against ninja dog Kageroumaru – Here are some tips to help you out and get all the rewards, including 60 Primogems.

Needless to say, you’ll first need to have cleared the previous phases of the Event to unlock the Recognition quest. If you need help with the stealth part when saving the animals, you can check out our guides for Mystery of the Black Shadow and Stealthy Trail.

Furthermore, after the first dialogue with Sango, the first objective you’ll need to fulfill in the Recognition quest is to find Ryuuji. Check our guide if you can’t manage to locate him.

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Sonic Frontiers | Teaser Trailer

Sonic Frontiers | Teaser Trailer

How to Defeat Kageroumaru in Genshin Impact and get him as a pet

Kageroumaru is overall a pretty easy boss as long as you’ve got Shield maker characters with you. Obviously, bring Zhongli in your party if you have him. Or else Noelle.

Even without a Shield user the fight isn’t particularly complicated. Be sure to start raising Noelle whenever you can though as you definitely need to have at least one readily usable Shield maker. That’s why Noelle is a free character. Bring your Barbara for healing if you’re not confident.

Kageroumaru and his ninken (ninja dog) attack patterns

Kageroumaru mainly uses close-range attacks, and he always has some sort of pose or motion beforehand telling you he’s about to attack. He most notably switches from holding his katana with his tail to holding it with his mouth before doing his dangerous 3-hit combo. Kageroumaru’s attacks’ names aren’t displayed during the boss fight so it’s a bit hard to tell, but I assume that’s the Canine Art: Plummeting Blade.

Kageroumaru can also shoot lightning in a fan-like spread shot. It’s an Electro attack similar to the Electro Traveler’s Elemental Skill. Lastly, Kageroumaru also summons a clone that explodes in an AoE previewed with a red zone, so don’t stay in there. That’s likely the Canine Art: Geo Bunshin Skill.

Genshin Impact Challenge Canine Path

Winning the fight in itself isn’t difficult. However, without a shield, it’ll be much harder to get all the achievements. As you’ll have to manually avoid Kageroumaru’s attacks.

The Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog Event will keep going until December 20, 2021. The Event is actually pretty long so you should better do it now than wait for the final day.

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