How to Defeat Taroumaru in Genshin Impact Clash of Lone Blades

Tips to beat Taroumaru and get your free Primogems

April 14, 2022

The final part of Clash of Lone Blades in Genshin Impact Hues of the Violet Garden adds a difficult boss fight against Taroumaru, here is how you can defeat him to get your free Primos and all of the event’s rewards.

You will not be able to fully complete the Hues of the Violet Garden and the Irodori Festival event of Inazuma in Genshin Impact unless you manage to triumph in the “Versus the Mightiest Warrior” part of Clash of Lone Blades. Here are some tips and the general strategy to adopt against Taroumaru, the ninja Shiba Inu known as the owner of Komore Teahouse.


How to Defeat Taroumaru in Genshin Impact – General Strategy

The biggest point to keep in mind and the strategy to adopt is how you need to willingly put yourself in danger to parry Taroumaru as much as possible. Don’t dodge his attacks, or you won’t be able to deal enough DMG before the time limit ends.

Stay in the AOEs and parry them

In particular, do not run away from Taroumaru’s AOE bombs and traps, willfully stay in the AOE and press parry right when the circle is about to become full. Moreover, make sure the Traveler is facing the center of the AOE so they face the trap, or else they will still be hit by the explosion AOE from behind even if you get the Parry timing right. It took me a few tries to realize this as I was sure I had the timing down.

You can parry and reflect Taroumaru’s ranged Electro slash

Don’t run away or avoid the Electro ranged slashes that Taroumaru will occasionally throw at you. You can actually parry and reflect them back to him. It won’t reflect if you are too far away though.

Keep Attacking Taroumaru When he is Down After Countering his Honed Technique

Taroumaru’s honed technique is actually easier to counter than his normal attacks. Press Parry as soon as the blue flash ends, it’s the same timing as all other opponents.

However, unlike all the other opponents in Clash of Lone Blades, when you counter Taroumaru’s honed technique, he will stay upside down for several seconds. You should keep attacking to deal more DMG until he gets back on his feet.

If you manage to perfectly counter him several times, you will be able to defeat Taroumaru before the time limit ends. The highest difficulty you will unlock after that is really hard, and it took me around 5 tries to clear it, as even if you get the timings right, missing just a few times will make you hit the time limit before defeating him.

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