How to Do New Patches Quest in Elden Ring & Get Crouch Emote

April 19, 2022

Elden Ring has received a massive update today which makes a series of changes to the game, quite notable of all being the Patches quest.

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Patches was one of the surprises From Software had in Elden Ring, as he is a known character in the Soulsborne franchise. In fact, he was a point of debate as well, as many argued whether they should kill him or spare him.

How to Do New Patches Quest in Elden Ring & Get Crouch Emote After Update 1.04 Patch

To do the Patches quest line players need to follow the given steps. Do note that this is for the entire questline and the new questline details can be found below.

  • To find Patches, players need to first head to Murkwater Cave and open the chest there. This will trigger a fight which is quite easy. Once Patches is down to roughly half of his health, he will surrender. You can kill him or spare him, and you should choose the latter to continue the questline else Patches will die.
  • You can visit the Murkwater Cave again and this time you will see another chest and Patches will be a merchant. Using the chest will teleport you to Mistwood Ruins.
  • There are a couple of more locations where you can find Patches after this, including Liurnia and more. However, there is no significant progress you make in his quest in these locations.
  • Next up you need to reach the Volcano Manor and you will find him there. Do note that you need to progress in Tanith’s assassination requests and get the Letter for Patches to trigger the questline. After that, visit him again to get the Magma Whip Candlestick.
  • Next up, you will find him in the Shaded Castle and you will get the Dancer’s Castanets from him. This is where the quest ENDED BEFORE THE PATCH.
  • NEW QUESTLINE– After this, head back to Murkwater Cave again and you will see that the area has turned into a boss arena. You need to fight Patches again and defeat him to get the crouch emote.
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