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January 20, 2022

While Aniplex and Disney finally decided to release Twisted Wonderland in English, many fans are dissatisfied with the current release because it’s region-locked to the US and Canada, however, there is a way around this issue.

Twisted Wonderland is one of the most popular mobile games in Japan after Uma Musume Pretty Derby, Identity V, Knives Out, Fate/Grand Order, or Genshin Impact.

While the game has turn-based RPG elements and rhythm games elements, it’s mainly a visual novel. So it’s way less interesting if you can’t understand what the characters are saying. Now international fans can finally try it out in English, without the need for translation guides or let’s plays.

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How to download and play Twisted Wonderland in English outside the US and Canada

Players who are locked out because they aren’t in the US or Canada should download and use special app manager QooApp. It’s free and doesn’t require creating an account to use. QooApp is the easiest way to go around the region lock and play Twisted Wonderland in English.

Funnily, even Yana Toboso herself, the author of Twisted Wonderland, is using alternative means to try out the English version from Japan:


Personally speaking, I’m convinced Twisted Wonderland has a place in the West. As even if the mainstream will mainly ignore it, just like any Japanese content not Shonen related, it definitely can find its audience. And when it does it’s gonna be huge.

Once you’ve downloaded QooApp, finished the Twisted Wonderland tutorial, and intro, tell us who’s your favorite dorm and characters so far in the comments!

As a side note, don’t forget the Twisted Wonderland anime is still in production. We’ll be sure to share with you the latest news about it once we learn more.

Iyane Agossah

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