How To Download Uma Musume, The New Game From Cygames

The horse girl racing simulation by Granblue Fantasy's Cygames is finally out in Japan, here's how to download Uma Musume.

February 23, 2021

Cygames launched Uma Musume: Pretty Derby on February 24 in Japan, on iOS and Android. This is a highly expected release, seeing Uma Musume was first announced way back in March 2017. Uma Musume and its horse girls was supposed to release in Winter 2018. However, Uma Musume was delayed. Firstly, on December 15, 2018, to 2019. Secondly, on December 26 2019, to 2020. And lastly, on December 19, 2020, Cygames announced the release date of Uma Musume as February 24, 2021. We’re finally here. Cygames explained these delays as to improve the game’s quality, so hopefully it’ll be worth the wait. Let’s see how to download Uma Musume now.

Cygames has started the pre download for Uma Musume on February 22. Meaning you can download the game right now. However, this is a Japanese game, so you cannot directly download Uma Musume from either the App Store or Google Play. It’s region locked.

How To Download Uma Musume Japanese Version on Android

There are several easy ways to circumvent the problem on Android.

First, the easiest way is to use QooApp. It’s an app manager that lets you download Japanese mobile games like Uma Musume regardless of your region. With it, you can play Uma Musume. You can download QooApp through your phone on Google Play. You don’t need to create a QooApp account to use it.

The other way is to install an Android emulator on your PC like Bluestacks, and then install QooApp on it. This is a much better solution if you don’t have a smartphone good enough for games.

Once you’ve gotten into QooApp, simply search for Uma Musume, download the game, and you’re done.

Uma Musume Release Date

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby launched in Japan on February 24 JST midnight. This means February 23, 10 AM ET. (Click here for a table with other time zones).

Keep in mind however that mobile games tend to have several issues at launch, most notably bugs and saturated servers.  Because of players rerolling their accounts. You might have a hard time playing Uma Musume the first few days after release.

A PC version of Uma Musume will also be launching in Japan on March 10, via DMM Games. Uma Musume was not announced in English yet. However, Cygames worked on Princess Connect Re:Dive getting a western release, so it’s likely Uma Musume will release in English too.

The new anime series Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2 is currently airing every Thursdays in Japan. Monthly streams, Uma Musume Pretty Derby Paka Live TV, will bring the next news on the game. The next stream is scheduled for March 29, 2021.

In related news, Cygames is currently working on Granblue Fantasy Relink, scheduled for 2022 on PS4, and PS5.

Uma Musume Gameplay Explanation Trailer

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