How to Earn 25 Become War Medal in Cold War's '80s Action Heroes Event

“To survive a war, you gotta become war.”

Here’s how to earn the Become War Medal, and 25 of them.

We’ve got a big new update for Call of Duty Cold War that introduces the ‘80s Action Heroes event.

For instance, among the challenges in the event is earning the coveted Become War Medal, and you’ll need 25 of them with automatic rifles.

Here’s how to earn them and get closer to unlocking the Flamebearer Blueprint!

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80’s Action Heroes Trailer | Season Three | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone™

80’s Action Heroes Trailer | Season Three | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone™

How To Earn 25 Become War Medal In Cold War

The Call of Duty community is buzzing trying to understand how the Become War Medal is won and unlocked since the game doesn’t provide a direct explanation.

Some players have figured out by accident that if you kill 10 zombies with an AR rapidly without reloading gives you the Become War Medal. This is reported by a YouTube comment that explains how he won this.

The challenge can be completed in either Cold War Multiplayer or Zombies. One of the easiest ways is to group up 20 zombies and take them all out as quickly as possible with an automatic assault rifle. In conclusion, earning the Become War Medal requires the player to “Kill 10 or more enemies rapidly with an automatic assault rifle without reloading”.

After that, you’ll have to earn 25 of these to complete one of the many challenges present in the ’80s Action Heroes event.

We’ll update this post should any more methods become clear.

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About ’80s Action Heroes Event

Cold War and Warzone have in-game challenges for Season 3 Reloaded that give you a shot at winning skins also. Completing all challenges give you two unique weapon blueprints.

The challenges in Cold War are:

  • Complete 7 matches in MP or Zombies ’80s Action Heroes playlists.
  • In an ’80s Action Heroes playlist, win MP matches or survive until Round 15 in Zombies a total of 3 times.
  • In an ’80s Action Heroes playlist, get a total of 100 eliminations in MP or Slaughter Medals in Zombies.
  • In MP or Zombies, earn 25 Have a Blast Medals by getting kills with explosives.
  • In MP or Zombies, earn 25 Become War Medals using automatic weapons.
  • In MP or Zombies, earn 25 Light Em Up Medals while using the Death Machine.
  • In MP or Zombies, earn 25 This is Personal Medals while using Melee Weapons.
  • Get 3 kills without dying in MP or earn Jackrabbit Medals in Zombies a total of 10 times.
  • In MP or Zombies, earn 10 Chopped Up Medals while using the Tomahawk.
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