How To Earn Stubs Fast In MLB The Show 22

Save money by earning Stubs on your own.

April 4, 2022

MLB The Show 22 is the latest iteration of the long-running series and knowing just how to earn stubs as fast as you can is going to prove very important as always.

There are many different game modes to enjoy in MLB The Show 22 as always, with one of the most popular being Diamond Dynasty.

This mode can be fully enjoyed without actually paying money, but you’re going to really need to know how to earn Stubs most efficiently elsewhere if you are planning on taking that route.

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What Are Stubs?

Stubs are the in-game currency in MLB The Show 22 once again, which can be earned in-game or purchased with real-world money.

These microtransactions are not necessary in any way to enjoy the vast majority of MLB The Show 22, but they often are a choice made by people to speed up the process of obtaining cards in the very popular Diamond Dynasty mode.

In this mode, you have to collect cards to build your best teams, but you have to open packs to earn the majority of them. Packs aren’t cheap though, which means you will need to earn the Stubs to be able to purchase and then open them.

How To Earn Stubs Fast In MLB The Show 22

The very basic answer for how to earn Stubs in MLB The Show 22 is to play the game’s many modes and you will be rewarded with Stubs for playing, or just buying them from the store with real money. However, we want to dive deeper into some of the most efficient ways to earn them without having to spend a dime.

To start, it’s always wise to open up any of the card packs that you are given as pre-order bonuses from the start and see if you got lucky by getting a really good card that you can sell on the marketplace.

One of the quickest ways to earn Stubs quickly is to complete the various Moments that are available in the game, whether they are the daily ones or beyond. The payout for Stubs with these varies though, so make sure not to waste time on more difficult moments that do not reward well with Stubs.

Next up is completing the various Programs in the game, with more of these going to become available throughout the season. Going after Programs like the Starter Program or Faces of the Franchise Programs is a good start here for sure.

Not only can you earn Stubs outright, but you will also get great rewards in the form of cards that you can sell on the marketplace if you get very lucky with your card pulls.

As you’re collecting cards in Diamond Dynasty, make sure to actually add them to your different collections that are available. By completing tiers within these collections, you can earn more Stubs as well, though they aren’t as rewarding as a rule.

Diamond Dynasty also has a new mode called Mini-Seasons that will reward you well for winning the championship. Don’t waste too much time here if you are struggling to win, but winning it all is worth it if you can pull it off.

Showdown mode and Conquest are also back in MLB The Show 22 and are both helpful at earning Stubs. The only downside with Showdown mode is that you have to pay Stubs to enter, but the risk can be worth it if you do well.

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