Pokemon GO - How to Evolve Pancham into Pangoro

By Sam Woods

May 10, 2021

For the last week, players around the world have been taking part in Pokemon GO’s latest event – Luminous Legends X.

The event has seen lots of exciting additions to the game including four new Pokemon families, a range of new raid bosses and a Global Catch Challenge.

The challenge, which started alongside the event, has already been completed, meaning players get a bunch of further rewards – one of which is another new Pokemon, Pancham.

Like all of the other new Pokemon in the Luminous Legends X event, this has a special evolution method – so, here’s how to evolve Pancham in Pokemon GO.

Pokémon GO: Mega Evolution has arrived!

Pokémon GO: Mega Evolution has arrived!

What Was The Global Catch Challenge and What are the Rewards?

The Global Catch Challenge saw players come together and catch over 500 million Fairy-type Pokemon within the challenge window, which lasted just over a week.

In doing so, players unlocked a variety of rewards, including another brand new Pokemon to the game Pancham.

Alongside Pancham, players have unlocked Shiny Galarian Ponyta and triple Catch XP, which will run all the way through until May 17.

How to Evolve Pancham into Pangoro in Pokemon GO.

In the mainline Pokemon games, Pancham also had a special evolution method.

Players would need to reach level 32 whilst having a Dark-type Pokemon somewhere in their party.

Obviously, parties aren’t a thing in Pokemon GO, unless you include your PVP/Raid Battle Teams. However, they aren’t traditional parties – so instead, Niantic has had to come up with the next closest thing.

To evolve Pancham into Pangoro, there are a couple of steps players will need to complete.

First, players need to set Pancham as their buddy Pokemon, which is easy enough. Then, once Pancham is set as the buddy, players will need to catch 32 Dark-type Pokemon.

Obviously Dark-types have been hard to come by recently, however, with the Luminous Legends Y event on the horizon, there is hope that there will be an abundance in the wild.

Source: The Silph Road Subreddit.

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