Pokemon GO - How to Evolve Sliggoo into Goodra Using a Rainy Lure

It’s often refreshing when Pokemon require a slightly different way to evolve within Pokemon GO.

There are plenty of Pokemon that require an evolution item, some that require a walking distance, others that require a certain time of day and also Pokemon that need to be walked a certain distance.

This helps offer players a slight alternative to Pokemon GO’s semi-repetitive gameplay.

Recently, Goomy was added into the game and its evolution Sliggoo has its own special method that is needed to evolve it into Goodra. Here is how to evolve Sliggoo in Pokemon GO.

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GO Beyond: The Pokémon GO journey continues beyond

Which Other Pokemon Have Special Evolution Methods in Pokemon GO?

Two favourites in the Pokemon world, Umbreon and Espeon both have their own methods of evolution, requiring players to evolve an Eevee during either the day (for Espeon) or night (for Umbreon).

Other Eevee evolutions can be evolved if they are given a specific name. This is only a one time use, however.

Others like Electabuzz, Magmar, Rhydon and Togetic require players to use either a Unova or Sinnoh stone in order for them to evolve.

Tyrogue’s method of evolution is an interesting one and mimics the mainline Pokemon games. If it is evolved with its premier stat being Attack, it will become a Hitmonlee, if its defense is higher, it will become Hitmonchan and if its HP is highest it will become Hitmonlee.

Pokemon like Feebas and Woobat will only evolved after being walked a certain distance and the likes of Machoke and Kadabra can be evolved with no candy cost, provided they have been traded first.

How to Evolve Sliggoo in Pokemon GO.

Sligoo, like many of the Pokemon listed above has its own method of evolution – the brand new Rainy Lure Module.

Players will first need to acquire themselves one of these new items and then set it down on a Pokestop, as they would a regular, Mossy, Magnetic and Glacial Lure Module.

From there, provided the player is in range, and they have 100 Goomy Candy Sliggoo can be evolved into Goodra.

If a player doesn’t want to use a Rainy Lure Module, they can wait for rainy weather and evolve Sliggoo that way. Again, provided they have the candies.

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